LRS Agropastoril

LRS Agropastoril is a company specialized in cattle breeding and corn and soy farming. Its main activity is related to Santa Maria`s Farm that stands out in scientific research by the genetic improvement of animals and pastures.

About Brangus

It`s the result of the crossbreeding between Angus and Zebu, the Brangus breed emerged at the beginning of the ’20s, therefore, There are more than 100 years since the first breed experience was performed in Lousiana, United States, It ensured an animal with high indexes of productivity even being...


The enterprise administrated by LRS Agropastoril is located in the city of Santa Terezinha de Itaipu, in the state of Parana, in a region known for being a spotlight for the Brazilian business, it has a lot of fertile lands, with excellent quality in the Agricultural production and the animals` protein production.

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The environment preservation costs to the rural producer 20 billion of reais (Brazil’s currency) per year

The amount invested annually in environmental preservation in Brazil’s rural properties costs about 20 billion of reais, only in the maintenance of areas under preservation.

The animal welfare benefits  

Animal welfare is a trend in all the livestock parts because of the actual consumers' demand, having an allowance for normative instructions and now has a regulation mark, involving all the meat production in Brazil.

The Brangus genetic ensures meat of quality

It emerged in the United States around 1912, in which there were performed the first crossing experiences. The Brangus breed became one of the main cutting breeds in the country.